Scotts Late Flights

An AI powered flight delay predictor for flights out of Austin Bergstrom

Named after our favorite ScottsCheapFlights, ScottsLateFlights is a fun project we wanted to work on and demonstrates Standard Data’s full stack machine learning capabilities. Combined with open source software and AWS infrastructure, we trained a model to forecast flight punctuality related to destination, time of day, and day of week for our home airport of Austin Bergstrom. This site is hosted on its own AWS stack, created entirely from AWS CDK (Infrastructure as Code). It is scalable, repeatable, and easily maintainable - letting us focus on model development while maintaining a big picture view.


Production Ready

Model deployed to an AWS Lambda function for scalability ad nauseam.

Infrastructure as Code

Spinning up a new project is as easy as copying a few lines of code.

Lightning-fast Development

This showcase project took us just a few days to put together. Infrastructure lends itself to CI/CD.


Our backend is all serviced by Amazon Web Services. Fast, scalable, cost effective.

Full Stack Machine Learning

From ideation to data collection and cleaning to training to deployment and continuous improvement.


We take pride in being real genuine people, and love learning about what other people are working on.

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